Real Couples Share Their Youth Hostel Wedding Stories

Tom and Kim first met each other in an elevator at Munich’s 4You hostel and spent their first evening together along with Tom’s travel buddy John and Amanda from Kim’s side of their friendship group.

They discovered each other through their shared love of traveling and continue to discover new destinations together. In 2015, they even took their children back to Munich where it all started and showed them around!

Tom & Kim

Hostels provide an energetic atmosphere to give any couples vacation a fresh, lively edge. Their travelers are young, vibrant and full of life; this youthful vibrancy was exactly what attracted Tom to Kim in 1998 in Munich hostel elevator – they hit it off instantly and are now happily married with children of their own!

Tom and Kim take great joy in exploring new destinations together. Their house features maps with pins marking all the countries they have traveled to together, including their visit back to 4You hostel where their love story first started – they even posed for a photo outside its elevator where it all began! One memorable trip for the couple was their return there where their love story first began – where Tom proposed by climbing out his window when Kim was sitting outside it.

WWW reader Jennifer and Reuben wed at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel in Derbyshire – both local and personal places that held special meaning for them both – in April this year. Their DIY vision included ribbon curtain backdrops and plenty of pom poms!

Staying in a hostel offers one of the greatest advantages: making new friends from all around the globe. These connections will serve as your support network as you plan your special day – sharing all its joys and sorrows together. That’s why choosing one that offers safe environments is of utmost importance!

Sam & Fiona

Impossibly intimate moments in a dorm room when suffering from jet lag can be challenging, yet Sam and Fiona pulled it off perfectly at Okoka Park in Christchurch – the venue being where they first met! Their DIY wedding was set against this stunning landscape.

Many don’t realize just how accessible New Zealand is; its landscape offers something spectacular for every visitor to enjoy and explore, with excellent transport links, hostels everywhere and work exchange programs available (provided you have the appropriate visa) making travel and exploration effortless.

Auckland provides the ideal starting point to discover North Island, packed with adventure. Hikers should check out Tongariro National Park with its iconic volcanic mountains; wine lovers can explore Hawke’s Bay before traveling onward to Wellington; then it’s back along the coast where bike trails weave their way through lush forests near Mt Taranaki or visit Waitomo Caves (damp underground tunnels housing glowing worms), while West Coast surfers will enjoy surfing world-class waves at Raglan.

Sarah & Matt

Alex and Matt met while both traveling frequently for college. The two quickly connected over their shared passion for travel, often staying up late swapping stories of incredible places they had visited. But it was during a summer trip to Prague that their bond truly solidified and they felt their connection grow stronger.

After graduating college, this couple moved in together and has been happily married for six years. To celebrate their wedding at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel in Derbyshire – an intimate yet personal place – they decided on hosting it there for their celebration with many DIY elements, like ribbon curtain backdrops and pom pom garlands adding personal flair while keeping with a family-centric event vibe.

Cora Wilding was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and became a renowned mural painter who advocated peace and understanding across cultures. She founded the Youth Hostels Association and served as its honorary organiser from 1934-1938.

On January 3rd 2021, a fire broke out at Loafers Lodge hostel in Wellington and spread quickly, leaving behind an enormous blaze that rendered 92 people homeless and six dead – according to local fire chief George Browne it was described as “one-in-a-decade disaster.”

Kate & Dan

Kate was performing backstage at Stratford-upon-Avon when she got the news that her son Dickon had been hit by a car. Though in shock herself, Kate attempted to help Dickon as best she could until police advised she may lose him due to severe brain injuries; eventually he did survive but suffered lifelong consequences.

Ken Loach explores the lives of people often overlooked by society in this heartbreaking yet ultimately hopeful film. Daniel (Blake Harrison), initially homeless and living in a hostel, eventually meets single mother Katie and her two children and becomes friends with them after discovering she must rely on food handouts as her benefits were denied to her.

They decided to host their wedding at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel in Derbyshire as it was both familiar and special to them; so much so, that they spent an unforgettable night there with family and friends, working on their DIY vision of a celebration filled with ribbon curtain backdrops and pom pom decorations galore!

Their budget was tight, yet they still managed to pull off an amazing event, complete with handmade touches – including a bouncy castle! Furthermore, they found a DJ who played their favourite tunes for free while all their guests received earplugs to block out hostel noise.

Planning Your Dream Wedding in New Zealand

Planning your dream wedding can be both thrilling and daunting at once. No matter if it’s big or small scale, there are many details to keep in mind when organizing such an event.

As part of our efforts to assist in your wedding preparations, we offer some useful tips and suggestions. The first step should be deciding where your destination wedding will take place.


New Zealand is home to numerous breathtaking environments that will help make your dream wedding come true. Choose your ideal location among a glacier, the alpine lake at Tekapo or Tongariro National Park; some require hiking; however there are numerous beautiful options which won’t strain your legs as much.

Ohope Beach is a stunning secluded beach that makes the ideal place for exchanging rings. Backed by lush vegetation and boasting an incredible vista, Ohope is ideal for this special momentous occasion. Additionally, Blue Spring in Putaruru provides 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water supply!

Cordis in Auckland offers an elegant all-inclusive venue that can host large numbers of guests with its grand hotel style decor and chandeliers, sure to wow both family and friends alike. Stoneridge Estate can provide three dynamic event spaces and acres of vines set against dramatic old world architecture that will leave your guests speechless; there are also accommodations on site so you can make the most of this unforgettable locale.


Weddings can be beautiful celebrations, but they can also be costly affairs. It is essential that couples set and adhere to a budget in order to avoid going over-budget and having debts hang over their heads for years after.

There are various factors that will play into how much your dream wedding costs. First of all, the season you choose plays an important role as seasonal weddings typically cost more. Also, how many guests you invite will have an effect as this dictates catering and venue needs.

Once you’ve determined your season and guest count, it’s time to explore venues. While this will likely be the most costly part of planning your event, don’t be intimidated to go outside your comfort zone in search of something truly memorable.

Visit your chosen locations before making a final decision so that you have a good sense of what it will be like to host your special day there. Doing this will allow you to visualize your dream wedding and may lead to amazing vendor connections; for instance, local photographers or planners may know offbeat wedding venues better, meaning lower rates. This step is especially helpful for couples from New Zealand seeking to marry overseas as it will save them both time and effort when searching for vendors on their own.


Un of the key aspects of planning any wedding is selecting a team of vendors who you can collaborate with seamlessly, as this decision will have a dramatic effect on both budget and final outcomes of your big day. New Zealand has many outstanding venues and suppliers that you can choose from when searching for their ideal team!

Keep this in mind when selecting your vendors: it must understand exactly what you need for your day and be on board with your vision for it. Working with someone local to New Zealand who can help source vendors, contact them regularly, and assist in planning parts you cannot manage from a distance is invaluable.

Note that to legally marry in New Zealand, one must meet certain legal criteria – namely being aged 18 years or above and unmarried/not already in a civil partnership. Furthermore, you will require a celebrant for your ceremony; these can be found online or via recommendations from friends/family/wedding planner. When possible, try meeting face to face before booking them as this will allow you to ensure they’re the ideal person for you!

The Big Day

In the final week before your wedding, it is crucial that all loose ends are tied together and everything runs smoothly. If you have hired a wedding planner, now is an opportune moment to collaborate closely with them and ensure all tasks assigned to them are accomplished on schedule.

On your wedding day, take time to appreciate every moment. Your experience in New Zealand will be something to cherish forever and saying “I do” while taking in its spectacular landscape is sure to leave an indelible memory in your mind. Take some time during your stay here to take in everything this incredible country has to offer.

Making the leap into marriage is both daunting and exciting; therefore it is essential that you create a budget you can adhere to, not forgetting expenses that may not directly relate to wedding planning (such as travel, accommodation and photography expenses). We advise choosing a date which offers the ideal weather in New Zealand; summer brings long sunny days while winter offers snow-covered mountains, spectacular waterfalls and earthy tones. If eloping is what’s on your mind then check out this post on best places for this, or consider getting married at Old St Paul’s Church in Wellington which welcomes everyone and provides great options for same sex couples couples alike!

Destination Weddings in the Heart of the Himalayas

The Himalayas is quickly becoming one of the premier wedding destination locations, boasting rugged mountains that kiss the sky, picturesque locales, and an thriving culture – perfect for destination weddings! Choose between various hill stations such as snowy Manali or eternal Mussoorie for your destination wedding celebration!

Dharamshala’s beautiful forests offer the ideal setting to realize your destination wedding dreams, with adventure-rich yoga sessions and beautiful scenic walks through its clouds. Enjoy this luxurious retreat for an unforgettable celebration.

1. Shimla

Shimla is an exquisite hill station known for its snow-capped mountain peaks, stunning valleys, and vibrant forests – and also serves as an idyllic destination wedding location. Couples who value natural surroundings often opt for it.

City residents can visit heritage buildings showcasing Tudorbethan and Neo-Gothic architecture from its colonial era that remain well preserved today, such as Mall Road, Ridge Area, Viceregal Lodge and Christ Church. Jakhoo Hill near Ridge offers visitors another popular activity – you’ll find an enormous 108 foot Hanuman statue there that stands 108 feet tall – while for visitors who prefer more adventure there’s the 108 Foot Statue at Jakhoo Hill two kilometers from Ridge area.

Local crafts are immensely popular and make for great souvenirs, from shawls to leather items like shoes and slippers. Wood carving in the region is well-known for creating image carvings as souvenirs while its embroidery industry creates exquisite shawls that have become famous throughout the nation. Visitors can also take pleasure in exploring its beautiful mountain surroundings as they stroll leisurely alongside picturesque surroundings before sampling its cuisine – perfect ways to experience all that this region offers!

2. Manali

Mussoorie offers the ideal setting for an intimate and beautiful summer destination wedding celebration, offering breathtaking mountain vistas as well as picturesque resorts suitable for hosting spectacular nuptial ceremonies.

Kerala, one of India’s most scenic and serene wedding destination locations, provides an idyllic and idyllic setting for destination weddings. The beaches and backwaters will leave an indelible mark on your mind long after your visit has concluded; their captivating beauty also make Kerala an ideal honeymoon location.

Manali is an iconic tourist town located at an elevation of 2050 meters and known as the home of Sage Manu. The beautiful valley dotted with streams and forests boasts river rafting adventures as well as visits to historical monuments like Gompas and Buddhist monasteries, with ideal season for visiting Manali being April, May, June and July; additionally Nepal can be reached with only three-hour flight journey from Shimla and offers various packages to enjoy this paradise destination.

3. Bhimtal

Weddings are joyous occasions that bring families and guests together to commemorate a new beginning – so it is crucial that it takes place with style!

Destination weddings offer couples who want something out-of-the-ordinary as an option for their ceremony. By adding your personal flair, this allows for an event that truly stands out.

Bhimtal offers plenty of exciting attractions and destinations for tourists and travellers. Here are just a few:

Naina Peak is one of the premier places to visit when in Bhimtal. Hikers love hiking here, with breathtaking views of both valley and Himalayan vistas from this hill named for Naina from Mahabharata fame. Furthermore, Karkotak Temple stands as another must-visit site: it honors Lord Shiva with an elegant yet understated architecture that makes this an architectural delight.

4. Kasol

Kasol is an idyllic village and an offbeat travel destination, inviting trekkers to experience thrilling adventures. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes, raging river, and warm hospitality of its people, Mini Israel has become a magnet for Israeli visitors who come for treks, camping trips, sightseeing excursions, river rafting trips and parties as well as spiritual awakening.

Kasol offers scenic trekking routes through its remote villages and features breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, in addition to being famous for its Himalayan tea gardens.

Kasol, an idyllic mountain town, boasts many cafes that serve up delicious food. Moon Dance Cafe stands out among them as an exceptional location, boasting panoramic mountain and valley views and offering tasty treats like bread rolls, scrambled eggs and other delectable items as well as cocktails or alcoholic drinks for you to try! For an unforgettable dining experience, visit Moon Dance Cafe today – or any time!

5. Gangtok

Gangtok, Sikkim’s capital city and major tourism center located in the eastern Himalayan ranges is also its seat of state government and home to two monasteries, a palace, gardens, shops and an array of hotels; most can be found near its main tourist area located along MG Marg.

Hinduism and Buddhism are the dominant religions in Gangtok, although a small Muslim community also exists within its borders. Most residents in Gangtok are Nepalis or Lepchas from northern India.

Gangtok boasts several iconic landmarks, such as the Rumtek Monastery (1940) of the Kagyu Order of Tibetan Buddhism and Do-drul Chorten (1894), an ornate gold-topped stupa with 108 prayer wheels. Additionally, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology (1958) houses an extensive collection of Mahayana Buddhist manuscripts, Thankas (tapestries used during religious liturgy) and statues.

This city features many restaurants serving Indian and international cuisine, featuring such items as rice, noodles, chicken curry and tea. Furthermore, many fruits and vegetables grow here.

Unconventional Wedding Venues for the Adventurous Couple

Make your big day memorable in Malaysia’s picturesque locations that add an air of adventure! Malaysia will wow guests!

Pulau Gemia, commonly referred to as Gem Island, is an idyllic private island perfect for beach lovers. Offering peaceful wind sand beaches and waterfront villas as a refuge from crowds.

1. Tabacon Thermal Resort

Malaysia is well-known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and delicious cuisine – truly Asia’s hidden gem! While urban centers attract most visitors, Malaysia has numerous off-the-beaten-track spots that give an authentic glimpse into Malaysian culture and wildlife.

Tabacon Thermal Resort can be found nestled within the mountainous region of La Fortuna. Renowned for its mineral-rich hot springs, visitors to this resort are welcomed day or night to take a dip in its thermal pools – day-trippers may enjoy day use; while couples looking for peace and quiet can make use of a private area reserved for guests only – making Tabacon an excellent retreat.

The resort also provides various tours and activities. Hiking to Arenal Volcano should not be missed, while waterfall chasing and bird watching tours are also offered. Furthermore, the hotel provides full-service spa for relaxation after an exciting day exploring nature.

Malacca, located on Malaysia’s west coast, is an historic city full of vibrancy. While A Famosa Fort is certainly worth seeing, Malacca’s true beauty lies within its charming streets – particularly Jonker Street where colourful shophouses sell traditional delicacies such as chicken rice balls and nyonya kuih. Additionally, Malacca features numerous historic temples and mosques.

2. Jungle or Rainforest

Malaysia combines breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities perfectly, from orangutans lumbering through trees to skyscraper cocktail bars. Tea plantations and heritage temples pay homage to Malaysia’s rich past while luxury hotels provide a taste of modern living.

Borneo jungles are home to amazing wildlife and an extraordinary ecosystem, featuring orangutans in trees and sea turtles on beaches. Take a guided wildlife tour to witness this amazing land or hike up Mount Kinabalu to watch sunrise over breathtaking jungle views you won’t soon forget!

But that is only half of the adventure: rainforests also host numerous rocky peaks that await to be conquered – challenge yourself by climbing one and gain access to views few people ever get to experience first-hand!

Penang offers delicious food with an historic backdrop, known for their irresistibly tasty durians, beautiful street art and diverse culture. Try their famed char kway teow dish or visit Clan Jetties to gain insight into Malaysia’s Chinese immigration past.

3. Zoo or Aquarium

Attract guests’ memories with an experience they won’t soon forget at a museum, aquarium, or planetarium that exudes history or intrigue – whether its spectacular architecture or amazing exhibits – and turn your big day into an eventful memory with your guests in a venue with history or mystery! Tie the knot among dinosaur fossils or priceless paintings or rare books for an unforgettable wedding ceremony under the stars or tie the knot among spectacular architecture that offers the perfect setting.

Plan a trip to Rompin in Pahang to experience Malaysia’s natural gems by planning a visit. Here you can discover everything from majestic waterfalls and traditional orang asli villages, to the breathtakingly blue Tasik Biru or “blue tears”, created by bioluminescent algae which illuminate the water like something out of Moana!

Other hidden gems of Malaysian include Rainbow Beach in Semporna, popular among surfers and nature enthusiasts to relax under the sun, as well as Zoo Negara’s Tunku Abdul Rahman Aquarium which showcases Malaysian rivers, wetlands, as well as fish species such as seahorses, butterfly fish, and bamboo sharks.

Make sure to visit Malaysia’s Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum, housed in a traditional Peranakan shophouse featuring intricate woodcarvings, antique furniture and beautiful textiles from Malaysia’s rich cultural past. Additionally, don’t miss your chance at witnessing Bornean orangutans scurry through trees at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre!

4. Stadium or Theatre

Stadium and theatre wedding venues provide an unforgettable venue. Rent out one of your favorite team’s stadiums during their off-season or host your reception in a grand theatre for an unforgettable and nostalgic event – complete with beer, hot dogs or movie-theater candy and popcorn service!

Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village’s stunning blue lake will leave an impressionful memory in your guests. Surrounded by limestone hills, this hidden gem of Bandar Mahkota Cheras was once used for mining operations.

Kundasang, Malaysia – widely acclaimed as the New Zealand of Borneo – is an idyllic retreat offering breathtaking mountain scenery, crisp mountain air, and vibrant skies. Situated at the base of Mount Kinabalu and home to Desa Dairy Farm where visitors can learn first-hand how fresh milk, cheese, and gelato are produced – Kundasang promises an experience like no other!

Malacca is a hidden cultural gem located on Malaysia’s west coast and home to red-painted Dutch colonial buildings as well as vintage huts selling Nyonya Kuih (nyonya cake). History buffs should visit Stadthuys while Jonker Street offers numerous cafes offering great food and beverages.