Real Couples Share Their Youth Hostel Wedding Stories

Tom and Kim first met each other in an elevator at Munich’s 4You hostel and spent their first evening together along with Tom’s travel buddy John and Amanda from Kim’s side of their friendship group.

They discovered each other through their shared love of traveling and continue to discover new destinations together. In 2015, they even took their children back to Munich where it all started and showed them around!

Tom & Kim

Hostels provide an energetic atmosphere to give any couples vacation a fresh, lively edge. Their travelers are young, vibrant and full of life; this youthful vibrancy was exactly what attracted Tom to Kim in 1998 in Munich hostel elevator – they hit it off instantly and are now happily married with children of their own!

Tom and Kim take great joy in exploring new destinations together. Their house features maps with pins marking all the countries they have traveled to together, including their visit back to 4You hostel where their love story first started – they even posed for a photo outside its elevator where it all began! One memorable trip for the couple was their return there where their love story first began – where Tom proposed by climbing out his window when Kim was sitting outside it.

WWW reader Jennifer and Reuben wed at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel in Derbyshire – both local and personal places that held special meaning for them both – in April this year. Their DIY vision included ribbon curtain backdrops and plenty of pom poms!

Staying in a hostel offers one of the greatest advantages: making new friends from all around the globe. These connections will serve as your support network as you plan your special day – sharing all its joys and sorrows together. That’s why choosing one that offers safe environments is of utmost importance!

Sam & Fiona

Impossibly intimate moments in a dorm room when suffering from jet lag can be challenging, yet Sam and Fiona pulled it off perfectly at Okoka Park in Christchurch – the venue being where they first met! Their DIY wedding was set against this stunning landscape.

Many don’t realize just how accessible New Zealand is; its landscape offers something spectacular for every visitor to enjoy and explore, with excellent transport links, hostels everywhere and work exchange programs available (provided you have the appropriate visa) making travel and exploration effortless.

Auckland provides the ideal starting point to discover North Island, packed with adventure. Hikers should check out Tongariro National Park with its iconic volcanic mountains; wine lovers can explore Hawke’s Bay before traveling onward to Wellington; then it’s back along the coast where bike trails weave their way through lush forests near Mt Taranaki or visit Waitomo Caves (damp underground tunnels housing glowing worms), while West Coast surfers will enjoy surfing world-class waves at Raglan.

Sarah & Matt

Alex and Matt met while both traveling frequently for college. The two quickly connected over their shared passion for travel, often staying up late swapping stories of incredible places they had visited. But it was during a summer trip to Prague that their bond truly solidified and they felt their connection grow stronger.

After graduating college, this couple moved in together and has been happily married for six years. To celebrate their wedding at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel in Derbyshire – an intimate yet personal place – they decided on hosting it there for their celebration with many DIY elements, like ribbon curtain backdrops and pom pom garlands adding personal flair while keeping with a family-centric event vibe.

Cora Wilding was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and became a renowned mural painter who advocated peace and understanding across cultures. She founded the Youth Hostels Association and served as its honorary organiser from 1934-1938.

On January 3rd 2021, a fire broke out at Loafers Lodge hostel in Wellington and spread quickly, leaving behind an enormous blaze that rendered 92 people homeless and six dead – according to local fire chief George Browne it was described as “one-in-a-decade disaster.”

Kate & Dan

Kate was performing backstage at Stratford-upon-Avon when she got the news that her son Dickon had been hit by a car. Though in shock herself, Kate attempted to help Dickon as best she could until police advised she may lose him due to severe brain injuries; eventually he did survive but suffered lifelong consequences.

Ken Loach explores the lives of people often overlooked by society in this heartbreaking yet ultimately hopeful film. Daniel (Blake Harrison), initially homeless and living in a hostel, eventually meets single mother Katie and her two children and becomes friends with them after discovering she must rely on food handouts as her benefits were denied to her.

They decided to host their wedding at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel in Derbyshire as it was both familiar and special to them; so much so, that they spent an unforgettable night there with family and friends, working on their DIY vision of a celebration filled with ribbon curtain backdrops and pom pom decorations galore!

Their budget was tight, yet they still managed to pull off an amazing event, complete with handmade touches – including a bouncy castle! Furthermore, they found a DJ who played their favourite tunes for free while all their guests received earplugs to block out hostel noise.