Planning Your Dream Wedding in New Zealand

Planning your dream wedding can be both thrilling and daunting at once. No matter if it’s big or small scale, there are many details to keep in mind when organizing such an event.

As part of our efforts to assist in your wedding preparations, we offer some useful tips and suggestions. The first step should be deciding where your destination wedding will take place.


New Zealand is home to numerous breathtaking environments that will help make your dream wedding come true. Choose your ideal location among a glacier, the alpine lake at Tekapo or Tongariro National Park; some require hiking; however there are numerous beautiful options which won’t strain your legs as much.

Ohope Beach is a stunning secluded beach that makes the ideal place for exchanging rings. Backed by lush vegetation and boasting an incredible vista, Ohope is ideal for this special momentous occasion. Additionally, Blue Spring in Putaruru provides 70% of New Zealand’s bottled water supply!

Cordis in Auckland offers an elegant all-inclusive venue that can host large numbers of guests with its grand hotel style decor and chandeliers, sure to wow both family and friends alike. Stoneridge Estate can provide three dynamic event spaces and acres of vines set against dramatic old world architecture that will leave your guests speechless; there are also accommodations on site so you can make the most of this unforgettable locale.


Weddings can be beautiful celebrations, but they can also be costly affairs. It is essential that couples set and adhere to a budget in order to avoid going over-budget and having debts hang over their heads for years after.

There are various factors that will play into how much your dream wedding costs. First of all, the season you choose plays an important role as seasonal weddings typically cost more. Also, how many guests you invite will have an effect as this dictates catering and venue needs.

Once you’ve determined your season and guest count, it’s time to explore venues. While this will likely be the most costly part of planning your event, don’t be intimidated to go outside your comfort zone in search of something truly memorable.

Visit your chosen locations before making a final decision so that you have a good sense of what it will be like to host your special day there. Doing this will allow you to visualize your dream wedding and may lead to amazing vendor connections; for instance, local photographers or planners may know offbeat wedding venues better, meaning lower rates. This step is especially helpful for couples from New Zealand seeking to marry overseas as it will save them both time and effort when searching for vendors on their own.


Un of the key aspects of planning any wedding is selecting a team of vendors who you can collaborate with seamlessly, as this decision will have a dramatic effect on both budget and final outcomes of your big day. New Zealand has many outstanding venues and suppliers that you can choose from when searching for their ideal team!

Keep this in mind when selecting your vendors: it must understand exactly what you need for your day and be on board with your vision for it. Working with someone local to New Zealand who can help source vendors, contact them regularly, and assist in planning parts you cannot manage from a distance is invaluable.

Note that to legally marry in New Zealand, one must meet certain legal criteria – namely being aged 18 years or above and unmarried/not already in a civil partnership. Furthermore, you will require a celebrant for your ceremony; these can be found online or via recommendations from friends/family/wedding planner. When possible, try meeting face to face before booking them as this will allow you to ensure they’re the ideal person for you!

The Big Day

In the final week before your wedding, it is crucial that all loose ends are tied together and everything runs smoothly. If you have hired a wedding planner, now is an opportune moment to collaborate closely with them and ensure all tasks assigned to them are accomplished on schedule.

On your wedding day, take time to appreciate every moment. Your experience in New Zealand will be something to cherish forever and saying “I do” while taking in its spectacular landscape is sure to leave an indelible memory in your mind. Take some time during your stay here to take in everything this incredible country has to offer.

Making the leap into marriage is both daunting and exciting; therefore it is essential that you create a budget you can adhere to, not forgetting expenses that may not directly relate to wedding planning (such as travel, accommodation and photography expenses). We advise choosing a date which offers the ideal weather in New Zealand; summer brings long sunny days while winter offers snow-covered mountains, spectacular waterfalls and earthy tones. If eloping is what’s on your mind then check out this post on best places for this, or consider getting married at Old St Paul’s Church in Wellington which welcomes everyone and provides great options for same sex couples couples alike!